New GroPonix video:

Assembly instructions for the GroPonix Mini:

Here is a video of the 1st GroPonix Mini design in action! The sound of the GroPonix Mini is somewhere between a babbling brook and gentle waterfall, click to watch and hear this soothing sound for yourself!

Here is another video of the GroPonix Mini running.  Flipper is sure one happy fish!

2 comments on “Videos
  1. Reggie says:

    I have an existing 20 gallon tall tank and I was wondering if you sell a kit that fits my tank.

    • R C says:

      The new GroPonix design will expand to fit atop standard 20 gallon tanks, but the design is not in production yet. We will post about when these units are available for sale in the near future.

      Thanks for the question!

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