Recent Developments and the release of the GroPonix Aquaponic System

Goldfish Garden Aquaponic Aquarium Kit Developments

Over the last few weeks and months the Goldfish Garden has gone through some changes. The design of the planter has been changed slightly to be more streamlined, a removable plate has been designed so that individual net pots can be inserted into the system, and manufacturing materials have been purchased for a full production run of units.  The new design is looking great and a limited number of units are expected to be available within the next month.  For all those of you who have sent messages about when official Goldfish Gardens will become available, the answer is SOON!  A sneak peak of the new prototype planter and filter are shown below (Note- the manufactured product will be white/light grey NOT blue).  For those of you out there that would like to know when these units will become available – shoot us an e-mail at and we will send you a message as soon as the first lot of these get produced!









In addition to a change in the design, the Goldfish Garden Packages will be changed as well.  Available in the near future will be conversion kits that contain the Goldfish garden planter, net pots with coco-plug growth material, air pump, and airlift tube.  These kits will be significantly less expensive than the currently listed packages because they will not come with the fish tank (which would basically double just the shipping costs alone).  These new kits fit on a standard 2-gallon barrel style fish bowl, or a 1-gallon round fish bowl like those pictured below.


Aquaponic Kits for Rectangular Aquariums

For those of you out there with rectangular aquariums, we have been developing a new system, called GroPonix that fits on top of a standard 10 gallon fish tank and can grow a large amount of edible greens in a short amount of time.  The GroPonix system will be made from water-jet cut polycarbonate sheets, feature dual airlift tubes, and come with a 2x24W T5 24″ grow light system and hood – perfect for growing lettuce, herbs, or flowers in a small space all year round!  The system measures 22″wide x 6″ deep x 12″ tall, allowing it to fit nicely above the space already occupied by a 10 gallon aquarium.  There is no other system quite like this on the market and it comes with everything you need to grow quality produce right in your own home!









Here is a time lapse .gif that shows the growth of the plants over 2 weeks.  I will be updating this as the plants grow larger and larger!



I am the inventor of the GroPonix line of products and owner of Effortless Aquaponics LLC

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4 comments on “Recent Developments and the release of the GroPonix Aquaponic System
  1. Terri Wagar says:

    I am wondering when you will be getting the Standard Goldfish Garden + Light back in stock. Looking at getting 2 for Christmas gifts. I see that I will need to buy the bowl which is fine. Let me know what size opening it would need to be. thanks…. Terri

  2. Gina says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

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