GroPonix (version 1) System

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This aquaponic product sits on top of a standard 10 gallon aquarium (or ‘tall’ 15 gallon aquarium) and comes complete with a 2x24W T-5 grow light and hood for exceptional plant growth. Plants grow in 7 individual growth pods filled with an all natural coco fiber plug. Grow lettuce, herbs, or flowers efficiently while keeping your fish tank clean! Plants absorb nitrates in the water creating a cleaner environment for fish while nearly eliminating the need for water changes!

A few of these systems are now available for sale! Order now to grow healthy herbs and vegetables naturally in your home today!

*Note that this product does not include the fish tank.*

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Fully grown GroPonix Aquaponic Lettucetime-lapse-aquaponic-GroPonix-kit-lettuceGroPonix-front-view-2side-view-1

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Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 9 x 10 in

1 review for GroPonix (version 1) System

  1. Mary
    4 out of 5


    I was lucky enough to buy one of these from Ryan before they went out of production, and I would heartily recommend them to anyone with a small tank and a few fish (in my case, one young goldfish). Ryan was very helpful in explaining the setup, and, once the tank got going, it was absolutely problem free. I’ve been running it for eight months now. This review would be five stars all the way except for a few glitches that seem to have been fixed in the upcoming systems:
    1. Once the plants take off, it’s very hard to do any maintenance in the growing area proper (for example, removing plants and replacing them). The roots grow in a tangle and there’s little room to move.
    2. The light is fixed. As the plants get taller, it may burn their leaves.
    3. You can’t medicate this sort of tank if you hope to be able to eat produce you’re growing on it. And any meds (such as salt, which I had to use for a parasite attack) may damage the plants.
    4. Finally, the air pump is a bit noisy.

    But, if you start with a healthy fish and healthy plants, you will have good results. I do change 30 or 40 percent of my water each week in order to keep the pH stable, but the system is very clean and easy to maintain. I would recommend it, and very much want to upgrade to the new system when it’s in production.

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