GroPonix Mini aquaponic aquarium filter kit

GroPonix Mini Aquaponic Filter system + Aquarium

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Natural aquaponic filtration system for small aquariums – The GroPonix Mini + 2 gallon barrel style fish bowl

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Product Description

The GroPonix Mini aquaponic filter system + 2 gallon glass Aquarium is ready to ship! The GroPonix Mini system reduces the need for water changes, grows edible plants, and looks great in any setting! Filter your aquarium the natural way – with the GroPonix Mini natural aquaponic filter kit! Great for Bettas, shrimp, guppies, and other small aquarium fish.

Grow plants such as: Basil, Mint, Wheatgrass, Marigolds, Primrose, Pansy, and other small plant varieties!

This GroPonix Mini aquaponic filter system comes with:

  • 2 Gallon Anchor Hocking ‘drum style’ glass fish bowl
  • ¬†GroPonix Mini planter
  • 5 net pots with 5 infused coco plug rooting sponges
  • Airlift and watering tubes
  • High quality whisper quiet air pump
  • 5 ft of kink-resistant aquarium airline tubing
  • Biofilter sponge
  • Packet of organic basil seeds

*Note: the GroPonix Mini filter kit and aquarium ship separately

Decorations are not included with this kit.


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