How does the GroPonix Mini aquaponic filtration kit work?

The GroPonix Mini aquaponic filtration kit is unique in that it is one of the only aquarium filters on the market that use plants to filter aquarium water.

Shown in the GIF below, dirty aquarium water and waste are pumped into the planter via an airlift mechanism.  This airlift uses air from a regular aquarium air pump to transfer up to 10 gallons of water per hour into the planter using only 2.2W of electricity. The air bubbles also oxygenate the water for both the fish and plant roots.  For more information about how airlifts work, see ‘what is an airlift?‘.

Once the dirtHow does the GroPonix Mini work?y water is in the planter, it is released over a mat of plant roots that trap large waste particles and absorb nitrates.  Water then flows through a biofilter sponge surrounding a raised drainage tube that sits within the bottom of the planter. This biofilter sponge provides a home for good bacteria in your aquarium that convert fish waste into plant food.

pH control is an important process in any aquarium environment.  Most aquarium fish like to have the pH in the area of 6.5-7.5, where 7.0 is completely neutral (neither acidic or basic).  Ideally, plants like a pH around 6.2 but do just fine with any pH below 7.0.  Within the bottom of the GroPonix Mini planter are natural pH buffering flakes that help to maintain the water pH in the ideal range.

The newly developed GroPonix system works similarly to the Goldfish Garden.  Read the “How does the GroPonix system work?” for more information.

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