Chapter 3: The Way Ahead

After the partnership dissolved I needed to take some time off from the Goldfish Garden™ concept, make some money and think about whether or not this was an idea I wanted to pursue.  After a two month hiatus I came to the realization that this was what I wanted to do and it was the time to do it.

Being a beginner entrepreneur is not an easy racket, especially when you are going alone.  Trying to figure out the best way to get this product off the ground has not been an easy experience.  For the first months of this summer I researched different business models, talked with potential customers, met with potential investors, and met with small business consultants to validate what I deemed to be the correct steps forward.  Through these meetings I developed a strategy and worked for the remainder of the summer and into the fall following on this path toward developing a complete ‘boxed product’ available for sale.  It has taken considerably longer than I had originally planned, but I sourced parts from manufacturers, designed the planter, printed a 3D model of the planter design and assembled a completed ‘official’ prototype.

3D printed Planter

Ever wonder what a 3D printed model looks like?

I have come quite a way from my original Goldfish Garden™ prototype and it has evolved into what I believe to be a truly unique, interesting, and affordable aquaponic fish tank system.  After more than a year of development I have created a system that not only works well, but has an aesthetically pleasing design that provides a healthy environment to both fish and plants making it an attractive addition to any home or office!

But I am certainly not at the finish line yet!  Starting on November (? waiting to get approved for almost a week now)th, 2012 I am launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the initial capital needed to get molds and purchase inventory for the first official manufacturing run.  I will be pre-selling three versions of  the Standard Goldfish Garden™ as seen on this website.  If I reach my funding goal I will be able to produce the first lot of Goldfish Gardens and hopefully start a whole line of Goldfish Garden™ designs with different tanks using a variety of aquarium fish.  So pre-order today and be sure to tell your friends and family about this unique and attractive product!


I am the inventor of the GroPonix line of products and owner of Effortless Aquaponics LLC

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