GroPonix Mini Aquaponic Aquarium kit

Hello everyone. I realize it has been a while since my last update about the GroPonix and Goldfish Garden systems. I have had a long winding summer/fall of dead ends and small failures, but everything is (finally) starting to come together to get these a number of these kits sent out before Christmas.

Goldfish Garden Name Changes

The Goldfish Garden name will be changed from here on out to the GroPonix Mini to better represent this great product. This will be the last mention of the Goldfish Garden name, and we are currently transitioning this website over to the domain. All of you who are following this product on Facebook and Twitter will receive an invitation to like/follow the new GroPonix name in the next couple of days.


The GroPonix Mini natural aquarium filter

GroPonix Mini For Sale

I am happy to say that within the next two weeks or so I will be getting GroPonix Mini aquaponic aquarium systems available for purchase! I will be making this available for pre-sale very soon for those of you who want to pre-purchase this kit. This new Mini system is shown to the right and will come complete with the following parts:

  • ¬†GroPonix Mini planter
  • 5 net pots with 5 infused coco plug rooting sponges
  • Airlift tube
  • High quality air pump
  • 4 ft of aquarium airline tubing
  • Biofilter sponge
  • Packet of organic basil seeds
Bowl sizes for the GroPonix Mini

Bowl sizes for the GroPonix Mini

This product has new and innovative features that make it a great filtration solution for small fish bowls such as those shown above.

Features of the GroPonix Mini:

  • Unique feeding and water sampling hole at front of planter
  • Bottom ring of planter fits perfectly into selected bowls, making the system cat and child spill resistant
  • Whisper quiet airpump pumps up to 10 gallons of water per hour through the planter – aerating the water for both fish and plants
  • Quiet drip tube though biofilter sponge for exceptional water quality
  • Plant root filtration – reduces the need for weekly water changes
  • Planter cutout that allows water heaters to be used in the tank
  • Natural fertilizer infused grow plugs for robust plant growth

I am the inventor of the GroPonix line of products and owner of Effortless Aquaponics LLC

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5 comments on “GroPonix Mini Aquaponic Aquarium kit
  1. Bettaponics says:

    Will wheatgrass grow in this?

  2. Bettaponics says:

    What’s the plant in the picture?

    • Ryan Coghlan says:

      This system has mint growing in it. Most plants will grow in the GroPonix Mini including wheatgrass, marigolds, pansies, mint, basil, and other small plants. It is recommended that larger plants like tomatoes not be grown in this system because they simply get too large over time. You could use the GroPonix Mini as a seed starter in the spring as the grow plugs are removable and can be planted directly into soil.

  3. Lyn says:

    Just wanted to say that this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time- sorry the Kickstarter didn’t get funding in 2012 but don’t stop! I want one of these and think more people are slowly becoming interested in aquaponics! :)

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