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GroPonix Mini Aquaponic Aquarium kit

Betta in GroPonix Mini

Hello everyone. I realize it has been a while since my last update about the GroPonix and Goldfish Garden systems. I have had a long winding summer/fall of dead ends and small failures, but everything is (finally) starting to come

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Updates on the GroPonix system

Hello everyone! Just wanted to take a minute and show some of the recent developments with our new GroPonix aquaponic system. Salad mix lettuce seeds were planted in coco plugs at the end of March and I can tell you

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Recent Developments and the release of the GroPonix Aquaponic System

Goldfish Garden Aquaponic Aquarium Kit Developments Over the last few weeks and months the Goldfish Garden has gone through some changes. The design of the planter has been changed slightly to be more streamlined, a removable plate has been designed

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Looking back at my Kickstarter campaign

On Dec 28th, 2012, the Goldfish Garden Kickstarter completed without reaching its funding goal of $50,000. Overall a total of $9,288 via 111 backers was raised over a 30 day period, generating ~18% of the funding needed to create this

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Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!

Hello all! Starting today the Kickstarter campaign is finally LIVE!  It has taken quite a while to get everything in order for the official launch of the Goldfish Garden™ product, but today is the day! All purchasing buttons on this

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