About GroPonix


What is GroPonix?

The GroPonix natural aquaponic system is a patent-pending aquaponic filter that uses the power of plants to effectively filter aquarium water.  The GroPonix system is powered by a standard aquarium air pump that pumps dirty water through a bed of plant roots to effectively clear the water of waste produced by fish. Two LED strips not only provide light to the plants, but also provide aquarium lighting as well. The GroPonix system is an aquarium light, filter, and maintenance-free garden all in one!

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This system grows just about any plant, but works best with herbs like mint or basil or flowers like marigolds.  No watering or fertilizing are necessary with the GroPonix system as the aquarium water is continually pumped over the roots, providing nutrients and hydration. pH buffering, nutrient capture systems and supplemental nutrients such as iron and calcium are included in a unique removable planter insert to keep fish and plants healthy and strong.

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