GroPonix (version 1) System


This aquaponic product sits on top of a standard 10 gallon aquarium (or ‘tall’ 15 gallon aquarium) and comes complete with a 2x24W T-5 grow light and hood for exceptional plant growth. Plants grow in 7 individual growth pods filled with an all natural coco fiber plug. Grow lettuce, herbs, or flowers efficiently while keeping your fish tank clean! Plants absorb nitrates in the water creating a cleaner environment for fish while nearly eliminating the need for water changes!

A few of these systems are now available for sale! Order now to grow healthy herbs and vegetables naturally in your home today!

*Note that this product does not include the fish tank.*

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GroPonix Kit

GroPonix Natural Filtration

Pre-order GroPonix sale going on NOW!

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